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SEPo - Search Engine POsitioning - Website SEO Services & Google Adwords Specialist
  SEPo - Search Engine POsitioning  

Website SEO Services & Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising

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Welcome to the SEPo Website

Website SEO ServicesAny search engine marketing professional worth his salt should be able to provide results which cover the client’s costs. Indeed with proper search marketing a client’s website should be in place for years to come.

I have worked in the SEM (Search Engine Marketing – umbrella term for both SEO and PPC) industry since 2000 and have been involved with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as a hobby since 1997. I have had to deal with a lot of clients who have had bad experiences with so called Search Engine professionals. All I can say is that we aren’t all like that. Despite the general impression – SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click - paying for keyword positions on Google) isn’t rocket science.

Google SEO SpecilaistThe underlying principle of SEM is relatively simple – Choose the relevant keywords for your business – and either by PPC or SEO (having your website come in the top 10 of Google for given keyword) – an interested party clicks through to your website which sells your service or product who in turn makes an enquiry with you which leads to a sale or some other end goal. It’s just a question of how much you make per ‘end goal’ minus how much it cost to get them there.

Google Specialist - PPC Google Adwords ManagementMy company is run solely by myself and I don’t take on more clients than I can cope with so I can give the necessary attention to my existing clients. I think most business’s prefer to deal with one person who runs the operation themselves rather than most SEO/PPC companies who use top notch sales people to pitch their company which is eventually handed down to some junior fresh out of college.

Running my own business single handed does mean I am limited to a certain number of clients although it does allow me to work on every aspect of the SEO process from the start of consultation right through to the end result.

If you would like to know more about my Website SEO ServicesGoogle Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising or Google Local & Google Maps Submission Service and have a free assessment of your website please fill out the enquiry form. Current high ranking keywords can also be supplied on demand. Full Price Lists here.

A Keyword Researcher Service is also available for SEO Companies.
Magento Ecommerce SEO Specialist.

PPC Google Adwords Management Prices:
£199 for initial account and campaign Setup. (If you already have an Google Adwords account then the setup fee can be removed).
Then it's £199 per month up to £3,000 of monthly campaign expenditure or 7.5% of monthly expenditure for monthly spends over £3,000.

What you get for your money

SEO Prices:
From £450 per month, including many one way backlinks & Google local entry.

What you get for your money

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